Next Stop Greenwich Village

12/02/2014 19:06

Two girls, Mei and Satsuki, along with his father and struggling with a serious illness my mother move into the country, to an abandoned, somewhat mysterious house. Quickly discovering that peaceful idyllic surroundings is filled with magic. First, the sisters meet living in their home mysterious black balls, then learn mild and benevolent spirits of the forest, among them an unusual Totoro. When the younger girl goes missing, it turns out, how valuable is the friendship ... Story of a young man, Larry Lipinsky'ego (Lenny Baker), which is carried out from Brooklyn to Greenwich Village in New York - wants to be an actor. It has an overprotective mother - in this role praised Shelley Winters. Larry is waiting for his big chance on a dream, but it is not that simple. In the meantime, there is a small group of friends: crazy Connie, Anita, quite absent-minded girl who constantly ponders suicide, Robert (played by Christopher Walken), a young poet, and Bernstein. This band of diverse characters becomes a new family of Larry.