The Nightmare Before Christmas cover

12/02/2014 19:10

Is the Christmas holidays can be terrible? Yes, if you organize them brigade Halloween!
Skeleton Jack, bored annually a Halloween fun, accidentally goes to the star's small towns. He discovers that the holidays can be full of color, joy and laughter of children. Trying to check experimentally, in which lies the magic of Christmas - but can not find any "secret formula". He decides once to be Santa Claus, or rather Sandy claw (as interpreted by his first name). To replace the real Santa Claus, must kidnap him. The plan is refined in all details. Do asterisk by Jack Skellington and company will be equally successful? Gray Nightmare Before Christmas is full of monsters and undead. Jack Skellington, Pumpkin King is already bored with fame most terrible specter. He feels that the routine does not give him to develop. After another great Halloween goes ahead. In the end, he goes to an unknown place in the forest, where there is a series of doors in tree trunks. Disregarding the warnings of his dog Zero opens the door in the shape of a Christmas tree and gets to the colorful star towns . Meanwhile, Sally, who was created by Dr. Finklestein no longer wants to be his property, so that the power to get out of the city must each time to poison her creator. Like her, Jack, but is too shy to tell him . The next day all the inhabitants of Halloween looking for Jack. This , however, returns and orders the convening of meetings of the inhabitants, which tells them about what he saw. However, the monsters of his town can not understand what he was really fascinated. In the end, Jack asks the doctor, who had just closed his unruly Sally, for assistance in their own experiments on the essence of Christmas. In the end, decided to decorate in their own city Christmas. Concerned Sally again escapes from the doctor and experiencing terrible vision. Jack warns against organizing feasts, but he is so happy that I do not even want to hear it.